Chatelaine and her servants

The story behind this year's Halloween campaign

Implementing the idea

Halloween planning at Kryolan usually starts a year in advance. In late 2021, the marketing team already sat down to consider how to incorporate the multitude of SFX products into the campaign skillfully. From silicones to our more than 20 different types of blood, the characters needed to reflect Kryolan's diversity while looking extra creepy.

Following the Victorian era, we finally came up with the following story. A huge team of make-up artists, set designers, and camera and costume experts met at a chapel in London earlier this year to bring the idea to life…

Who are Chatelaine and her three servants?

We are in London in the 19th century. It is the Victorian era.

The time is characterized by a flourishing economy, a certain coziness in the houses, and floral and decorative motifs in the homes that contrast with the technological progress.

Chatelaine's house sits high on a hill in a London suburb. Hardly anyone has ever entered it, but even the sight of it from the outside is enough to give one an idea of the situation inside. The musty smell emanating from the house says the rest.

Some say that Chatelaine, the lady of the house, keeps her servants with her all the time. It is also said that none of her male employees has ever left the house since they entered. And only connoisseurs know that Chatelaine can turn people into living dead's with just a tiny scratch of her exceedingly long fingernails. Through the beguiling appearance of her nails, she seduces her servants.

But how did Chatelaine become like this? Looking at the wounds on her own face, one can see her martyrdom. Because of her once beguiling beauty and the art of seduction that came with it, she herself was condemned to eternal damnation by one of her lovers many decades ago.

Now Chatelaine wants revenge! And none of her servants is spared. Her long, red nails are her greatest weapons. Whoever resists her command will feel them.

Her first and dearest servant is the most loyal to her. The fewest and most harmless wounds torment him. Even when Chatelaine gives him impossible tasks, he obeys her claws out of fear.

As soon as the blood turns into glittering pearls, it is awful for the respective servant. This is the first step to a total decay. Thus, the wounds of her most rebellious servant shine particularly strong because, quite often, Chatelaine catches him doing unauthorized things in the house. Stealing food is still one of the lesser evils due to Chatelaine's food deprivation...

Her third and last very close servant takes punishment very personally. So, he howls a golden tear at every scratch by Chatelaine, expressing his pain. He is not only her servant but also emotionally attached to his mistress.

Chatelaine and her servants' story is about beauty and damnation. Of hatred and true love. Of obedience and total surrender.

With this in mind, we wish you an eerily beautiful Halloween!

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