Terrestrial Halo

The season trends of Winter 2016/17 are asking what our future is by delving into the distant past. The prediction is taking its cues from history and uplifts it with a futuristic approach.

Fierce majestic powers that embody the individualistic styles flourish the fall, winter runways. With Prada, Dries Van Noten and Roberto Cavalli emphasizing the idea the more ornate detailing the better, the idea of cultural emblems embedded into the designs and model’s lifestyle take hold.

Creating reigning motifs from the past and the ideology of augmented reality of the future, these fierce looks create a dark, opulent theme. With design aesthetic versus form and function, powerful shapes symbolize armor to showcase the splendor empowering this season.

Powdery pinks, transparent skin and subtle, white contour provide an air of sophistication that in turn enhances the bold statement layers of the perfectly smudged eyes in rich petrol-blue tones. The richness of ‘Terrestrial Halo’ was finally defined by matching the lip tones to the ornate, lustrous garnets.

Make-up Artist: Leanne Simmons | Fotograf: Jayesh Pankhania
اللغة: العربية / English
في Kryolan ، نحن نصنع المكياج. لكن ليس مثل أي شخص آخر. لأنه على عكس أي شخص آخر ، نقوم في الواقع بعمل المكياج. لقد فعلنا ذلك بطريقتنا الخاصة لأكثر من 70 سنوات على ثلاثة اجيال. نحن نفكر. نحن تصنعه. ونصيغه بحب وأحبه ثم نعرضه. لا يوجد سوى صانع تجميل حقيقي واحد. هناك فقط Kryolan.
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