• الخطوة 1
    Apply Spirit Gum directly to the edges of the Latex Sprite Ears (small) using the brush supplied within the bottle. Allow the glue to go tacky before applying the prosthetic ears to the skin.
  • الخطوة 2
    Use the Cream Color Circle Interferenz (Sense) for the eye color. With the Professional Eye Shadow Application Brush, apply the light green to the eyelid and blend from this using the darker green. Use the Torey Round Brush 3 to wing the color in an upward angle to the outer corner. Apply the bronze golden color to the inner eye corner and contour the socket line.
  • الخطوة 3
    To activate Aquacolor mix with a small amount of water to achieve a creamy consistency. Using Aquacolor 8 ml (R 27), color and define the brow.
  • الخطوة 4
    To line the bottom lash line use ‘Energetic G’ of the Cream Color Circle Interferenz (Sense). Apply Aquacolor 8 ml (071) along the upper lash line, if desired enhance the winged liner using this. Apply the Lash Adhesive Pro to the lash band of Stargirl S2, adhering when the glue becomes tacky.
  • الخطوة 5
    Add detailing from the brows in a freehand style using Aquacolor 8 ml (R 27). Add Multi Gel Glitter 10 ml, coarse (silver) to this design and under the eyes to highlight the cheekbone and finish the look.
  • الخطوة 6
    Apply Aquacolor 8 ml (R 27) to the lips and highlight the bow using the pink color from Cream Color Circle Interferenz (Sense). Set the eye make-up with Translucent Powder 20 g (TL 1). If desired add the Multi Gel Glitter 10 ml, coarse (silver) for added detail.
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      R 27
      63.00 SAR 42.00 SAR
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      TL 1
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