Pro Tips

Ultimate Summer Make-up Tips from our Kryolan Pro Team

Summer, sun, and fun – until the foundation starts to melt, the mascara is smudging, and the lipstick begins settling on the natural lines of the lips. But these problems of every make-up enthusiast should not harm the joyful pleasure of good weather, beach vibes, and spending time with friends and family during the Summer holidays.
Even though make-up and hot climates are often not good friends, there are solutions and unique products for any kind of problem. Our Kryolan Pro Team experts from three different continents let you know their ultimate tips regarding make-up in the hot, humid summer months.

What's the best make-up in Summer?

In general, make-up in Summer should offer long durability and shall last even through sweating. "If someone wants a full coverage foundation, the أساس المكياج التلفزيوني TV Paint Stick or Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g are perfect for a Summer make-up set with بودرة التثبت ديرما كولور 20 جم will ensure that the products will last long. Otherwise, the أساس المكياج ألترا السائل 30 مل or Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation/Digital Complexion Concealer will be perfect if someone wants light and natural-looking make-up. Setting with a بخاخ التثبيت 75 مل – next to using Fixing Powder – also ensures additional durability for the hotter weather," advises Cuan, Kryolan Head of Make-up in South Africa.

For a beautiful all-over glow, Tim Pearson, our Pro Make-up Artist in the US, suggests using "أساس مرطب بلون Tinted Moisturizer with أساس المكياج المتلألئ للسهرات. Tinted Moisturizer's added benefit of Avocado Oil helps ensure sun-stressed skin maintains its healthy appearance".

Are there any Summer make-up tips for oily skin?

Before applying make-up, the face has to be thoroughly cleansed with a cleansing lotion or washing gel specifically for oily skin so that all oily residues are removed. Gently pat the face dry after washing. Then make-up specially made for oily skin should be used. Cuan suggests: "بودرة المكياج الثنائية الإستخدام Dual Finish helps if the client is particularly oily as the powder formula would keep them matt while still giving some coverage." To control oil and shine, one of the most popular products in the US is, according to Tim Pearson, the برايمر بيرفكت مات Perfect Matt, which can be used as a primer as well: "The colorless formula keeps the skin matt and helps to reduce oil production throughout the day." For those who prefer fewer steps in their make-up application, the Nebula Complexion Airbrush 14 ml can also be a good option, according to him. "The emulsion formula builds for a durable finish that stands up to heat and humidity. The formula is made for airbrushing but can also be applied with a brush as well. For the best results, this make-up should be applied to bare, healthy skin."

When discussing the best foundation for Summer in mild climates such as Western Europe, our Global Head of Make-up, Paul Merchant, residing in the UK, advises that "less is more. A lighter, more durable base is what I would suggest. The fluid foundation in the Digital Complexion series is light and silicone-based, so very durable in heat." Another Pro Tip is always to try using a new or freshly cleaned make-up sponge to prevent bacteria from spreading on the skin. Mattifying powder, in the end, helps to absorb the greasy shine.

What to do against lipstick that is settling into the lip lines and inner corners of the lips?

The creamier the lipstick and the oilier the skin, the higher the chances a lipstick will settle (especially) during the Summer months. To prevent lipstick from settling in the inner corners of the lips, contour pencils as well as concealers or – according to Cuan – "buffing a small amount of برايمر ظل العيون onto and around the lips" – can help. The contour pencil should be colorless or, at most, a little darker than the actual lipstick. This not only limits the expected damage but also creates a more precise lip contour. In addition, both the contour pencil and concealer also smooth wrinkles thanks to their specially coated pigments.

For the hot Summer months, Tim Pearson recommends the product عجلة ملمع الشفاة, which adds a beautiful, long-lasting shine to the lips without a residue collecting or skin peeling in the corners.

How to keep your Mascara in place during Summer?

To keep a mascara smudge-free throughout the whole day, it's best to "avoid oil removers around the eyes. Without proper cleansing, a film may remain and cause disrupted wear. Instead, opt for gentle removal with Natural Micellar Water 500 ml. Then, style your lashes to your liking with one of our new mascaras Lash Innovation Mascara, which can be easily removed with مزيل مكياج العين 100 مل", so Tim Pearson.